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Fulgen Technology was formed in early January 2001. We founded the company based on several assumptions.

It's cheaper to outsource
  • The first principle is that it's cost-effective for companies to outsource the development of their Web site. A standard database-driven eCommerce Web site will cost a one time fee of 10 to 50 thousand dollars to create and about $1200 a year to be hosted online. If a company were to hire an in-house developer the cost will be 40-60 thousand dollars a year for salary plus benefits and hosting that site will cost upwards of 20 thousand dollars in setup costs and 200-1500 dollars in monthly line charges. So it's pretty easy to see why a company would develop and host their site by an outside development company.
The Internet rules!
  • Second, we feel that development is still a viable and necessary business. As the Internet grows we see its role in marketing and communication as equally import as the role of television and radio. As we continue to see the Internet play a vital role within our society's media needs, there will always be a place for high-end developers regardless of economic flux.
Developers are the new gold
  • The third principle is that we created a company that doesn't have an office or central location. We want to allow our developers and personnel to work in the environment that they work best in-namely, one that they create for themselves.

    One and a half years after the company was formed, we have found that online communication, the symbiotic process of file sharing, and the freedom of nonlocation can very much work for the benefit of both us and our clients.

Armed with our principles and combined experience in development, we started a company that can produce Web sites for businesses that are on time, within budget, and maintain virtually 100% uptime. This is our focus. We've focused our talents on what we need to do, and we help our clients focus on what they need us to do for them. This focus provides us with the ability to keep costs low, and provide one on one service to our clients. We help you focus your site.

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