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Flash RIA Developer

Can you answer the following questions with a resounding "YES! It's like they already know me!"

  • Are you an Actionscript junky?
  • Do you build MovieClips with classes and know how to effectively use traditional programming techniques on that ever mysterious flash timeline?
  • Do you write code that a 4 year old could say "Ok I see what you did, that class extends the UIComponent class and overrides the arrange method. It's all perfectly clear, now please pass me my juice box." ?
  • Are you an obsessive compulsive file size dictator who believes that users shouldn't ever see a "loading 240MB of 512MB of data, estimated wait time, 2 hours ..."
  • Can you work independently and produce quality code in short periods of time under limited duress?
  • Are a knowledge seeker and not afraid toreevaluate your take on things when presented with a new challenge?
  • Are you available during business hours... and... maybe a little after business hours ... and... maybe before business hours?

Can you also provide an answer to the following commonly asked client suggestion:

"Can you move the left thingy to the right place, and then make that other thing change into an A?"

We need you.

The position is hourly to begin with and on a per project basis. If you fit into the team, this position will grow into a salaried position and one where you'll have the freedom to develop in Flash the way that you feel most comfortable.

This position has no location other than an IP address and requires that you have big fat bandwidth and a lightning fast computer. It also requires that you type quickly and concisely in IM. Send your portfolio, resume, and a brief statement about your work experiences We hope to work with you soon!


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