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Here are some solutions that we have implemented for our clients as well as a small description of each site.

Websites with Online Reservations Systems

PMA, The Independent Publishers Association IBPA, The Independent Book Publishers Association
Being extremely foreward thinking, IBPA, The Independent Book Publishers Association had a site built circa 1997 and jumped onto the Internet with both feet. The design, while simple and effective, was squeezed and pushed in ways that outgrew it's format. Almost 9 years later, there was a definite need to update not only the design but the architectural framework as well. We took the job on, and released the result in August 2007. The site is now built with the idea of further growth and expansion, allowing for more ecommerce offerings as well as new and improved member resources. If you are an independent Publisher, it's almost par for the course to take advantage of PMA's programs and become a member. You'll truly appreciate the care and guidance they offer!

Check them out: www.ibpa-online.org

Canon City Colorado Cañon City Colorado
While it's a small blip on the map, Cañon City is one of the most interesting and scenic places to visit in Colorado. We built a portal site for them that allowed them to easily update and maintain tourist information about the town and the surrounding areas. With fun activities like the scenic and relaxing Royal Gorge Railroad and the Royal Gorge Bridge, it's definitely a must see place when you're traveling through Colorado.

Check them out: www.canoncitycolorado.com

Royal Gorge Route The Royal Gorge Route
One of our more ambitious projects, we created a full reservation system for the Royal Gorge Route that would make your head spin. No software to install, no high end computers needed, nothing more than an internet connection to create and maintain all reservations in the system! The website even interfaces with the same reservations system that all reservationists, all administrators, all depot employees use. In REAL TIME!

We're pretty proud of this one, and you honestly couldn't find a nicer scenic outing in all of Colorado. Call or email for a demo.

Check them out: www.royalgorgeroute.com

The Stone Church The Stone Church
One of the most famous music clubs in New England, these guys take diversity to a whole new level. Folk, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical, Bluegrass, Punk Rock, Metal ... you can hear any one of these at the stone church. We wanted to show the intimate and historic aspect of the place while at the same time giving them a cutting edge online reservations system that they can handle themselves. If you're ever within two hours of New Market New Hampshire, go to www.thestonechurch.com and check out what's going on!

site: www.thestonechurch.com

Grand Canyon Railway The Grand Canyon Railway
The Grand Canyon Railway is a Tourist Railway in Flagstaff, Arizona that takes passengers from the town of Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon. We created a site for them that would offer users real time reservations and customizable itineraries through a flash-based reservation system. The design reflected both their existing marketing, and afforded the freedom to manage their own content.

site: www.thetrain.com

TheTrain.com was selected as a Macromedia Site of the Day!

Grapevine Vintage Railroad The Grapevine Vintage Railroad
We built a website and basic reservation system for the town of Grapevine in 2003. Three years later, the reservations system is still running strong and is their main method of making reservations. If you're ever in Grapevine, call up www.gvrr.com and order some tickets for a great trip!

site: www.gvrr.com

eCommerce Websites

Para Publishing Dan Poynter's ParaPublishing
Dan Poynter is the grand master of self publishing resources. If you have a book that you've written, and you can't find a publishing house for it, this site will give you the resources you need to publish it yourself. In fact, Dan Poynter offers so much and in so many different mediums that we had to build a uniquely complex shopping cart to handle it all. Purchase downloads, freebies, physical books, CDs, speaking engagements, and three different imprint site faces, this site does it all.

site: www.parapub.com

Bailey Works BaileyWorks
One of the biggest dilemmas facing the new "burn less fossil fuel, ride a bike" society is: Where do I put my stuff? Jon Bailey has come up with the ultimate solution by combining bike messenger bag building techniques and making amazing bags usable by everyone from the college student to the business professional. We designed the new version of baileyworks.com and gave the site a robust ordering system that lets the user purchase their own bag and accessorize it. If you have the need for more storage, these are the bags to get!

site: www.baileyworks.com

Zephyr Press Catalog Zephyr Press
The Independent Publishers Group and it's imprints Zephyr Press and Chicago Review Press were looking for a fast and efficient way to offer their books on the internet. We designed the sites and created an eCommerce system for them that provides their users an easy and intuitive way to find books in their catalog and quickly buy them. You can find just about any book on any subject that you could possibly want.


Chicago Review Press Chicago Review Press
As a result of the success of the Zephyr Press redesign, we redesigned Chicago Review Press with the same catalog and eCommerce model. We took a different approach with the catalog, making it more of a search than a category listing to quickly get you the most accurate results possible. The same robust eCommerce was implemented making it easier for in house administrators to handle purchases. Take a look at their books selection, you will not be disappointed!


Not Necessarily Designed But...

Learning.com EasyTech for Learning.com
This was the fastest pace project we've ever been on. We put a Macromedia flash front end on a .NET service based course administration tool. It was our first venture in using the new Version 2 Flash UI Components on a full scale enterprise wide application. The result was a course administration tool where students and teachers alike can build curriculum and check their progress. Try the demo at www.learning.com.

site: www.learning.com

Independent Books Group Independent Books Group
We can't take any credit for the design of IPG, although we have been managing the site for about two years. We inherited the design and were charged with integrating the existing eCommerce process from Zephyr Press into the site. The catalog and eCommerce system currently handles in upwards of 13,000 books and is easily updated from the master in house database, so the selection of books is always fresh.

site: www.ipgbook.com

Gryphon House Gryphon House Books
Gryphon House Books came to us to fix their older eCommerce system and revamp the programming of their site. The site was created in the mid to late nineties and needed some updating to the newer technologies that are now available. We created a new eCommerce system for them that would allow for a simple and efficient purchase of books from the site without forcing them into a redesign of their site.

site: www.gryphonhouse.com

Gryphon House Portsmouth Peace Treaty Interactive Map
The Treaty of Portsmouth of 1905 stands today as one of history's great peace negotiations. It ended the Russo-Japanese War and marked the emergence of a new era of diplomatic negotiations, multi-track diplomacy. Using Macromedia Flash we built an interactive map which displays the points of interest in Portsmouth in Portsmouth pertaining to the treaty.

site: www.portsmouthpeacetreaty.com


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