Do you have a product that the world is clamoring for? Or do you need to sell tickets in an event space? Fulgen Technology can provide the framework and backend tools necessary for you to sell your goods and services to the world. What is listed below is just a small portion of what we can provide to you and your online customers.

Shopping Cart

Whether you are selling courier bags, lift passes to a ski resort, or train tickets we can provide a secure, flexible, and custom made solution to fit your needs. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we can integrate with external systems that will make the shopping experience more robust; like the Payment Service of your choice or tieing into your Shipping Provider.

Reservation System

Backend Administration

Having a slick shopping cart is great, but what good is it if you, the administrator, can not view order details or change the colors of your product on the fly? Our Backend Tools will make the online shopping experience really shine for your clients. Through our Administration area you can modify and add products, view user information and orders, send emails to your clients, and much more.

eCommerce Features:


Flexibility We pride ourselves in creating solutions that anticipate changes to your products and your business. We will provide you with tools that will allow you to change attributes on your products and services that will be seen immediately by your customers. Whether it be adding another concert date for a favorite band or changing the pricing of a book, we provide you with the tools to quickly update your catalog of products & services.

Customization Many companies will try to fit your business to their pre-built shopping cart template, rather than create a solution custom fit to your business. Pre-built carts do save time to get your products & services online, but if the template does not fit your business need an unsatifactory online experience will result for your clients. Fulgen Technology creates solutions with a full understanding of your business in mind as well as the needs of the end-user who will be purchasing from your website.

Integration No successful shopping cart is an island unto itself. At the very least your shopping cart needs to communicate with a Payment Provider who will handle the online payment. Many cart solutions will deal with only one or a handful of Payment Providers, with Fulgen Technology you can tie into the Payment Provider of your choice.

Shipping is another integration point we develop solutions for. Rather than coming up with a hard-coded shipping formula that needs to be re-coded anytime shipping prices change, let the shipping providers do the work for you. We can tie into your preferred shipping provider and get accurate rates and options based off of what your client is purchasing. Do you need to provide shipping tracking to your clients from your site? We can do that to.

Even if you want to tie purchases in your brick-and-mortar establishment with the online store, Fulgen Technology can help you out.

Ease of Use Our Shopping Carts are built with the customer in mind. Our carts are designed with clean UIs and are built to process their information and orders quickly. The fewer clicks and page loads your customer needs to make, the quicker they buy your products, and the happier they are with their experience at your website. Happy customers keep coming back and also refer their friends and colleagues.

Customer Relationship Maintaining a strong relationship with your customers is important, but how do you do that if you never actually meet them? Fulgen Technology has tools that help you stay in touch with your clients and keep them informed. Reach out to your customers with our Mailing List application that allows you to quickly and easily send your customers emails offering them specials or just keeping them up to date with your business. Through our Administration tools you can update your clients on the status of their order as it is processed internally and ulitimately shipped. With a Blog tied into your website you can constantly keep traffic flowing as customers keep returning to find out more about you and your business. These are just a few of the ways we help you and your clients stay connected.


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