Before the Web, one of the best ways to reach potential customers was the CD interactive. You could display your company in a presentation that a customer could place in their CD tray and it would play allowing them to click buttons and navigate through your presentation viewing each of your products and services.

hmmm.... that sounds familiar right?

Yes, you guessed, that's exactly what a Web site does! You enter a site, click around, and find out information about a company's services or products. So why would you need a CD interactive that you have to create, physically mail out, and follow up on, when you could very easily just have a Web site that anyone in the world can access at any time?

There is one small problem with the Internet. Bandwidth.

Without the bottleneck of bandwidth, you can create presentations that far exceed the capabilities of a presentation that a 56K connection can provide you.

In addition to the bandwidth problem, CD interactives are reliable. They are built to run a certain way, and regardless of whether the person viewing them has a T1 or a 28.8 modem line, the presentation is the same. You can control the environment.

But still the Internet is catching up, more and more people are signing up for broadband access, and surfing the Internet on high speed lines at work, and presentation software is creating smaller and smaller downloads. So is the CD interactive a dying breed?

No. It still holds tremendous potential as a sales tool. By using it in conjunction with the Internet, you have an immense multi-channel sales tool that reaches potential customers regardless of location or bandwidth limitations.

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