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Premium Hosting Package

The Premium package is the database package. It has all of the benefits of the full service Basic Package, and adds the benefit of using a database. If you have a database of information you would like to present information on your site, this is the package for you. The database is an immensely powerful way to bring content to the Web. By creating templates in ASP or Cold Fusion, you will be able to display and sort through hundreds of thousands of pieces of information quickly and intuitively. If your site is currently built in Cold Fusion or ASP or you would like to build your site in one of these two languages, this is the package for you. If you have any questions about this package, feel free to call us at: 1.866.323.7967.

The Premium Package includes: (click each of the services for its description)

Number of E-mail Addresses 100 addresses
Statistics Reporting and Analysis Live 24/7
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Upon Request
Storage Space 250 MB
Bandwidth 200 Gb/Month
Streaming Media All formats *
FTP Access 24/7
Domain Name Setup
Script Access Cold Fusion 5.0, ASP
(Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Verity) and SQL Server 7 database Full Access to SQL server database via SQL 7 Enterprise Manager.
an additional $10/month will be charged per new datasource.

Price: $49.99/month

The following add-ons are also available and can be added to any package: (click each of the add-ons for its description)

Extra Datasources $10/each per month
Extra Storage Space $10/250 MB
Extra E-mail Addresses $10 per hundred
Extra Bandwidth $20/200 GB
Advanced Streaming Media $25/5 Concurrent Streams
(150.00 one time setup fee)
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) $10 extra per month
$150.00 setup
200-250.00 Certificate Purchase

*Streaming Media includes streaming any kind of media via HTTP. Though we have most media types set up on our server, you may have to contact us in order to have additional media types set up.

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