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Pricing Your Site

To asuage your fears quickly, not all sites cost $500,000. Web sites seem to have this "only the big companies can afford nice ones" mystique to them. Fortunately nothing can be further from the truth. Beautiful, functional sites that enhance your marketing and sales efforts and sell your products fluidly are very affordable.

Pricing a Web site is a difficult thing. It would be a nice thing if we could just say, "that will be $300 per page", but most medium to larger sites aren't built per page. They are built with a database that provides content through several well built, well placed templates. You can instantly have a site that's several thousand pages big, but only consists of a couple templates and a database. It wouldn't be fair to charge a client for all of those pages because the actual template count would be very low. In the same vein we aren't able to charge per template or database, because the templates and databases vary so wildly in complexity. Just as your business needs are unique, your Web site and your online needs will be very different from our other clients.

So how do we do it?

One of the ways to price out development used to be, estimate the hours you think it will take, and then double them because you will always spend more time developing than you originally think. Plain and simple. The reason for that was that the technology was so new that development companies were continually training employees on the new software. Training takes time and core concepts take even longer to make second nature. So basically, clients were paying for the training.

Fortunately, we are much deeper in the Internet world at this stage. Those of us who have been developing since the beginning of the Internet and are still developing have much less of a learning curve than there used to be. We know how it works. We've built countless shopping cart systems, forms, photo galleries, flash intros, and cool images. It's all familiar territory.

By having this experience, we can significantly cut down the time in development by simply knowing what we're doing instead of learning what we're doing. The process is faster, less expensive, and much more effective than the "sell it then learn it" approach.

Although pricing each site might seem a daunting task, we are confident in our skills as developers and the services that we can offer to you. So what can you really expect to pay? For your basic run of the mill "html" Web site that has no dynamic content, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 dollars. For database driven sites, the ballpark is obviously much bigger due to the variance in complexity, but for most small to medium sized sites, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. The larger-sized sites vary even more than this, and can only be estimated on a per project basis.

Is your site small, medium, or large? Will you need a database solution? Give us a call at 1.866.323.7967 and we'll help you focus your site.

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